“The Original Iyatolla of Rock N Rolla”

Rockin’ Rebel

Wrestling Name:  Rockin’ Rebel

From:            Anywhere he damn well pleases!

Height:         6 ft.

Weight:        1000 lbs including his ego

Finishes:      Rebelizer and Fireball

Music:          “Keep Away” by GODSMACK

Debuted:      December 1988

Trained by:  Rock N’ Roll Express

Work History:  ECW, BWO, FNW, NWL, ROH, 3PW, CZW, CCW, JAP, NWA/NJ, CSWF, EGW, PPW, POW (Pittsburgh) and NVW to name a few

International:  Japan, Korea, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada and across the United States

Career Highlights:  BlackBall’d defeating America’s Most Wanted for the 3PW Tag Team Titles

Personal Quote:  “A True Leader is not one who strives to be first but one who is first and gives their all for the success of the team. True Leaders are first to see the need, envision the plan and empower the team for action”.


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